Earning Extra with Swagbucks

Posted on: February 13, 2016

In a bid to increase my earnings and (hopefully) end up not having to depend upon government payouts at all, I decided to go self employed a couple of years ago. I already had a part time job, but as this was part time, as a single mother I continued to depend on benefits for a large part of my income.

Becoming self employed on top of my part time job did two things for me. Firstly, it enabled me to claim working tax credits instead of state benefits. And secondly, it opened my eyes to the many possibilities of earning extra income. This shall be my first post about how I earn a little extra online, and I shall concentrate on the first website I found and used, Swagbucks.

Swagbucks really does pay out. It is not a scam, although it won’t make you rich. I use it to top up, typically earning around £5 to £10 per week in gift cards or paypal. I hit my targets, which enables me to earn some bonus swagbucks, which don’t credit until the beginning of the next month. These bonuses can and do add up! There is also a bonus for hitting your target for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or the whole month of days (called the monthly master) which is creditable at the same time as your daily target bonuses.

*Swagbucks have recently made a change to these bonuses, but don’t worry, you do still get them. You have to click to claim now, and if you check your daily target it will tell you at the bottom when to claim.

One way I earn a little extra is by mainly doing surveys and watching videos. I also use the swagbucks search engine, which sometimes yields anything between 5 to 40 swagbucks. At one point, a few friends of mine even ‘won’ 100 swagbucks from a single search! There are other ways of earning a few swagbucks here and there, such as finding swagcodes before they expire. You can also shop and earn cashback, or earn cashback via offers too.

Fancy giving it a go yourself? You can join via my referral link:-

They have free games you can play, and win up to 10 swagbucks for just playing per day.

Swagbucks also have a total of 6 video watching apps, which let you earn 60 swagbucks per day. If I didn’t have these mobile apps, I probably wouldn’t reach my targets, so I am very grateful for them.

The mobile apps are:-
-EntertaiNow TV
-Sportly TV
-LifeStylz TV
-IndyMusic TV


Well, that’s it. The first online website I started making money from, and continue to do so. Until next time!


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